The waste management in the Imlil valley and the neighborhoods of the Toubkal National Park hardly evolved during the last 50 years, while the type of different waste and their quantity did not stop increasing. The waste treatment system by burying and incineration which worked correctly with small quantities of little toxic waste shows itself today inadequate and dangerous. The numerous uncontrolled dump sites observed around the refuges of high altitude, quite as those presents in periphery of Douars testify of the system ineffectiveness; and their composition leads to predict a dark future for the environment of the valley and the National Park (corpses of animals, diapers in abundance, piles, plastics miscellaneous, aluminum, cans, etc.).

10_MarocDechets2So that the direct environment of the inhabitants of the valley does not degrade up to a point of no return and so that the latter can continue its exploitation (houses, farming, tourism, etc.) it is necessary to revolutionize the whole waste management system so that a maximum of pollutants are evacuated, and to set up a vast awareness campaign on the wealth, the importance and the fragility of the natural heritage of the valley.