20_Sensi1The change of the habits of the valley inhabitants concerning the waste management has no chance to take place without a general raising awareness and a close support. It is thus essential that in parallel of the implementation of the new system of waste management, a general and adapted awareness campaign is led.

Characteristics of the campaign

- Targeted at the inhabitants but must take into account the users (Moroccan and international tourists, trekkeurs, tourism operators, etc.)

- Communication in 4 languages (French, Arabic, English, Amazigh)

- Simple color code: red/green

- Strong visual communication (pictograms, colors, icons, etc.)

- Creation of specific pictograms adapted to the region

pictos imlil

Media and means of distribution planned by Mountain Propre

- Informative brochure

- Signs on trash cans

- Facade of the waste reception center(s)

- Informative tours in villages

- Tours with the barkeepers / restaurant owners / hotelkeepers

- Information center in Dar Toubkal

Download the informative brochure pdf

The campaign organized at present constitutes a first experimental stage. Secondly and when we shall have enough feedbacks and observations on the communication in position, a real work of conception of a generalizable visual language to all the Moroccan valleys will be made, in association with experimented graphic designers and designers. To be continued…