Action plan

After more than 2 years of presence and specific actions in the valley, Mountain Propre is able today to set up an action plan concerning the collection, the sorting and the evacuation of the waste out of the valley. The action plan will first concentrate on the recyclable waste, because no sustainable solution concerning the non recyclable waste is at present planned by the local authorities.

plan action

This action plan articulates in 2 different phases and its implementation is distributed over the years 2013 and 2014:

Phase 1

- Implementation of a waste collection center in Imlil (with guard) for the raising awareness, the sorting and the storage of waste before evacuation

- Implementation of 20 collection points in and near Imlil: 2 tins with a red / green color code (non recyclable / recyclable) and explanatory signs. The tins of recyclable waste are equipped with bags of wheat to facilitate the differentiation of the types of waste during the collection

- Provision of systems of internal collection for the barkeepers and hotels
- Establishment of tours of information / raising awareness for the inhabitants of Imlil and neighborhood
- Information and coordination of the tours of waste collection (the bags of recyclable waste are collected at the same time as non recyclable waste  but is evacuated towards the waste reception center)
- Once a certain volume reached, evacuation of the recyclable waste towards Mar-Eco ( Marrakesh)

Phase 2 A

- Implementation of additional collection points for every douars of the valley
- Establishment of tours of information / raising awareness for the inhabitants of douars
- Information and coordination of the tours of collections of waste for the douar (mules) and for the truck

Phase 2 B

- Optimization of the tours of collection rythms
- Optimization of the functioning of the waste reception center (schedules, employee (s), sorting, containers, storage, etc.)
- Construction of hard collection points for douars to facilitate the collection by the truck and limit the frequency
- Set up (find) a periodic and sustainable system of evacuation and/or treatment of non recyclable waste
- Close and clean out definitively all the uncontrolled dump sites, to begin with that of Imlil

Color and typical code of waste

Green = Recyclable

- PET bottles
- Plastic bottles
- Soft plastics (packagings)
- Aluminium bottles and cans
- Iron cans
- Clatter
- Cardboards (clean)
- Papers and Newspapers
- Glass bottles


- Diapers
- Organic matter (orange peels, vegetables peels, rest of mint-tea, nutshells, coffee marc, eggshells, fruits, etc.)
- Rest of food (bone, meat, couscous,…)
- Yoghurts thumblers