Information point

Mountain Propre has for objective in the best deadlines to fit out the outside of Dar Toubkal, to be able to welcome and inform the visitors of the region and the National park. Its location on access road to the paths of high height treks represents a big point of passage, particularly in high season. The purpose of this arrangement is not to substitute itself for the National Park’s functions, but rather to offer a complement to the already present official museum downstream in the valley, as well as to set up an information and raising awareness structure at the heart of the valley. Because at present an official point of information / raising awareness does not exist and a lot of people still ignores that they are in the periphery of a National park, or even inside.

With the aim of considering at best the various factors entering into account in this arrangement, a workshop was organized in association with the ESAV (Superior College of Visual Art) in Marrakesh. In April 2013, a 3rd year class went one day on the ground accompanied with its professor and with 2 Mountain Propre representatives, to observe and analyze the situation. One week of group work preceded the studies delivery, with interventions of the Mountain Propre representatives and Mrs Soraya Mokhtari, director of the Toubkal National Park.

Numerous ideas and tracks of action emerged from this workshop and we are at present in search of financing to lead the project up to its implementation on the ground.