Toubkal National Park

image001Le Parc National de Toubkal est situé à 70km au sud de Marrakech, dans la partie centrale du The National park of Toubkal is situated in 70km in the South of Marrakesh, in the central part(party) of the High Atlas. Created in 1942 on a surface of 38 ‘ 000 hectares, he(it) shelters an exceptional biodiversity marked by populatings of thujas and holm oaks, a big diversity of herbaceous plants, and symbolic sorts(species) as the mouflon with cuffs(headlines), the gazelle of Cuvier and the bearded lammergeyer.

The park spreads out around Djebel Toubkal (4 ‘ 167m., highest summit of North Africa) and constitutes of this fact a favored destination for of numerous trekkeurs. Besides, its closeness from Marrakesh makes of the park and its outskirts a target of choice for all the marrakchis wishing to go away from the heat and the tumults of the city. Its attendance thus reaches particularly high numbers, especially during the high season. Although no official datum is available on the attendance of the park and the valley, in high season we consider at several hundreds the number of cars today reaching Imlil every day, and at more than 150 trekkeurs a night in the refuges of height…

Mountain Propre maintains favored contacts with the park direction from the creation of the project. It is indeed essential for the durability of the project to have the approval of the park authorities, and that a real work of collaboration takes place between the various actors who work in the same purpose. Several projects of collaboration were born, in particular concerning the observation and the preservation of the Lammergeyer.