The project

Sans titre - 5-01In 2011 via the citizen association ” Les Bassins d’Imlil “, the Imlil valley inhabitants announced their will to bring changes to better comprehend the tourist influx and the generated problems, specially concerning the waste management. They thus requested Mike McHugo’s help, British citizen and owner of ” La Kasbah du Toubkal ” (leader in the field of sustainable tourism and of the social responsibility, multiple prize-winner), to find new solutions concerning the increasing quantity of garbage in the valley and the whole national park. The problem being vaster than imagined according to the first reports, Mike McHugo has then requested a support with Aniko Boehler, anthropologist settled since more than 10 years in Morocco and committed on numerous associative projects. Finally Aniko Boehler, who fast noticed that it was about a large-scale problem in a very specific and fragile environment, called on to the expertise of Summit Foundation, Swiss association specialist in the problem of waste managment in mountain environment. The Mountain Propre project was born a few weeks later, under the shape of a collective of associations, joined then by the young association Mawarid, pioneer of the environmental awareness in Morocco, as well as several local citizens. The basic principle of this collective is that only an eco-citizen participative initiative represents a sustainable solution for the future …

Since the creation of the project, the realized scientific studies, the used equipment, the premises, the transport, the accommodation, etc. were largely financed by La Kasbah du Toubkal (a 5 % levy applied to all the invoices is reinvested in development projects of the valley, mainly via through the association Les Bassins d’Imlil). At the same time, the work personally invested (except money order) by certain members of the collective and by the persons in charge of the project is considerable and demonstrates a real investment on the ground. However it is clear that these resources cannot be eternally run and that is why the project needs today new committed partners to acquire a new breath and take more scale.

obeToday, thanks to the made studies, the possible solutions were identified and the proposal of actions is ready for being implemented. Besides, the pilot phase of implementation which took place showed the first positive results, a big community commitment but a real lack of means.
Mountain Propre was created to supply the Imlil valley inhabitants with solutions, tools and trainings to get ready for an increasing tourism and begin a change of lifestyle in a long-lasting way. This in the only purpose that they are the main and direct beneficiaries a of the income produced by the tourism, by improving the socioeconomic, sanitary and environmental conditions of their everyday life.