3_IntroductionThe most important point in our methodology is not to impose a way of doing or thinking upon local populations. But on the contrary, to think together, using the fieldwork’s findings, and define the best solutions to be implemented. These measures should then be ’locally made’ by the local communities & workforce so that they identify themselves to the project and assume their responsibility, in order to ensure a sustained and independent development.

A project of this magnitude has actually no chance of success if it is not supported and handled by local opinion leaders. The involvement of the community itself will also boost the local economy, create jobs and improve the quality of life in the valley.

Therefore the basis of the project have been created in the perspective of further duplication. Now focused on Imlil and surroundings; it is clear that the project will benefit the whole valley, but it will be really efficient only if extended in each village of the valley and then in the whole Toubkal National Park surroundings. In the future, the project should also be duplicable in other regions and/or countries…