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Imlil is a rural mountain district situated at approximately 1:30 hours by road in the South of Marrakesh, at the heart of the High-Atlas. Borded by the Toubkal National Park, it represents an entertaining destination of choice for numerous Moroccan, and also constitutes one of the access roads to the highest summit of North Africa, Djebel Toubkal (4167m.) Since the national park creation in 1942, the number of tourists who go in the valley and its surroundings does not stop increasing and in high season the situation becomes worrisome.

The inhabitants of Imlil valley have not been gradually used or prepared for the increase of anthropological pressures brought by the mass tourism and all the inherent problems (waste quantity and type increase, traffic management, human impact on flora and fauna, energy consumption, water quality, etc.). They thus find themselves today with ancestral and traditional practices unsuitable for the current situation, and particularly concerning the waste management and evacuation.